Spring Water

LionRock Spring Water is a distributer of bottled water. We work with several springs and each has a distinct character.

You decide you need a low alkaline water, we have a source for that. Conversely, you want a high akaline water, we have source springs for that too. You want a mineral spring water meaning it has a higher level of natural minerals than just plain spring water. There is a difference ! Not every spring water can claim to be mineral spring water in the state where the spring is located. Some states have very strict regulations on that difference.

We do not blend water from different springs as many of the larger bottlers do. That means that the water in our private label bottles is exactly the same as what the analysis says it is. When a bottler blends water from several springs into a large tank before bottling, you do not know what the level of solids, minerals, alkalinity is in the bottle you are drinking.