Biodegradable Bottles

Here is where we tell our story. We are passionate about helping solve the plastic problem. Biodegradable bottles have been in existence for almost 20 years. You may have seen them in certain parts of the United States, but they have been wiped out by the misconception that the product is flawed. Nope it works!!!!

Our bottles degrade in a landfill environment. They have an Enso additive which causes our Pet bottles to degrade over time take on average 9 months to 5 years depending on landfill conditions. Biodegradable pet bottles have less of an impact on environment than glass, and breakdown into biogases and inert humus. They are recyclable and can be mixed into the recycling stream with other plastic bottles.

We also add in the secret ingredient. Natural Spring Water from the Poconos in Pennsylvania. The combination is what we are selling ……..We stand behind and are very proud to bring this product to the forefront.